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Computer Setup

We will setup your computer including peripherals (printers, external hard drives, ect.), configure your computer for internet access, setup your email accounts and configure your computer to perform regularly scheduled backups.
Backup hardware not included
Software Installation

We will install, update and configure 1 software title and add shortcuts to the desktop and start menu.
Software not included
Hardware Installation

We will install and configure 1 internal or external device, such as a printer, scanner, CD/DVD ROM, graphics card, computer memory (RAM), hard drive, etc.
Malware Removal

We will scan your computer for, and remove, virus', worms, trojans, spyware and other infections that may be slowing down your computer, damaging your data or stealing your personal information.
Performance Evaluation and Configuration

We will evaluate your computer for issues that are degrading performance and remove unneeded programs, prevent unnecessary programs from starting automatically with Windows and optimize your computer for speed.

Is your computer crashing for no apparent reason, or are programs constantly hanging up? Experiencing the infamous blue screen of death? We will thoroughly inspect and test both hardware and software to ascertain the cause(s) of the issues you are experiencing and provide you with a detailed explanation along with a cost and course of action to get your computer running smoothly again.
Security Package

We will install and configure a security suite to protect your computer from hackers, virus', spyware, worms, trojans and other malicious software.
Software included
Wired/Wireless Networking

We will configure your wired/wireless router to work with your existing internet connection, configure wireless security, connect your devices to the network and verify cross-device communication.
$99.99 - $299.99*
*Dependant on # of network devices
Operating System Re-Installation

Operating Systems may need to be re-installed for a number of reasons. A virus may have caused irreparable damage to the Operating System before being removed, Windows files may have been corrupted by other applications, or perhaps you'd just like to upgrade to the latest and greatest. We'll backup your data, re-install your Operating System and programs, download and install all updates, re-create your user profile(s) and transfer the backup data back to the computer.
The Works

This is the full service for the computer that needs a little of everything. We'll run a full diagnostic of both hardware and software, remove virus' and other malware, remove or disable unnecessary programs, install and configure an anti-virus suite, configure security, replace malfunctioning hardware, troubleshoot and repair application issues and finish with a performance tune-up.
Anti-virus software included